Xiaomi develop solar cell phone

Xiaomi plans to make a solar-powered phone or whose power utilizes sunlight. This ambition was revealed after LestGoDigital discovered Xiaomi patent sketches registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

As quoted from the Android Authority, Wednesday (7/8/2019), from the patent sketch it shows Xiaomi phones that have a thin bezel, both from the front and sides.

While the most interesting part is on the back of the phone that shows the sheet of solar photovoltaic panels (PV).

Simply put, the concept of solar power is similar to solar panels found in homes or environmentally friendly sayings, but the size of which is becoming smaller.

Later on, the panel will absorb the sunlight and channel it to charge the battery. Nevertheless, it is not yet known the battery capacity that the phone accommodated.

Other features are the same as the use of two rear cameras, using the touchscreen, to have a front camera.

Although it sounds innovative, but Xiaomi is actually not the first vendor to make a solar-powered phone. The Vendor bearing the first phone in the sun-powered world is Samsung Guru E1107 which was released in 2009 then.

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