Users can use Gopay for shopping in the Google Play Store

Gojek's digital wallet is Gopay now a new payment tool option in the Google Play Store.

Currently, there are about 150 million Internet users in Indonesia and 90 percent of these are smartphone users. A total of 91 percent of smartphone users in Indonesia use the Android operating system.

With Gopay's presence on Google Play, Android users in Indonesia can easily shop for apps or do in-app purchase on Google Play without using a credit card.

SVP Digital Product GoPay, Timothius Martin said, the cooperation between Gopay and Google Play is the first Google Play collaboration with electronic money platform in Indonesia.

GOpay will complement the type of payment options on Google Play which is currently the most commonly used credit card. In fact, only a small part of Indonesian people who have credit cards.

"Here, we want to give easier access for those who don't have a credit card to enjoy the various apps and entertainment available on Google Play," said Timothius, Tuesday (30/9/2019).

Targeting young people

Timothius also added that it hopes that GoPay can reach the young people who often utilize the apps on Google Play for both hobbies and everyday needs.

 "Three independent research from FT Confidential Research Mobile Payment, DailySocial and OJK, as well as YouGov, refer to GoPay as the most widely used electronic money by Indonesian people. With the reach of GoPay's extensive users, we hope there will be more people who can enjoy the applications on Google Play so that they can go through their hobbies and daily needs, "he said.

On the other hand, it reveals, collaboration is intertwined with the potential of app spending on platforms like Google Play. Total expenditure of Indonesian people to spend mobile apps for 2018 reached USD 313.6 million.

Google Play itself experienced an increasing number of app installs during the initial year by 16.4 percent. The most downloaded apps are social media.

The game is still the main attraction for Google Play users who do in-app purchase. At the beginning of this year only, app shopping transactions for games on Google Play experienced a growth of 16.8 percent.

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