Tips: Translate text in images with Google Translate

Nowadays, many apps with service for language translator are not understood. However, one of you will definitely rely on Google Translate if you want to translate the language.

Yep, when viewed together, this Google-owned app is already growing. It can translate various texts, images, sounds, and live conversations with various foreign languages provided.

Maybe some of you don't know how to translate text in images through Google Translate.

Citing Google's official blog, Tuesday (30/7/2019) Here are some easy steps you can follow.

Here, you can translate images that you've already taken, and can also take new images from the app.

Open the Google Translate app on Android. If you need to select a language, select your language.

If it is, click the camera icon on the main Google Translate page. Select Scan to take a new picture, and select Import to translate the existing image.

Next, click Select All, and click the arrow button located at the top right to copy the text, and display it in the main Google Translate panel.

Take pictures with enough lighting

It is recommended to take a picture with enough lighting to be accurately translated.

If your smartphone doesn't allow to take pictures, click Settings and then Data usage, then turn on camera Input.

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