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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Mom killed when protecting her son in El Paso

Jordan Anchondo was killed in mass shootings in El Paso, Texas for protecting his son. Anchondo's sister Leta Jamrowski said Jordan was killed while protecting her two-month-old son.

Jamrowski waited in the waiting room of the University Medical Center of El Paso Hospital, where his nephew was treated for fractures. Because his mother fell by fire.

"From a baby injury, they said it seemed because my sister tried to protect her, so when shot by Jordan was looting her and falling on it, so that's why some of her bones broke, my nephew lived because her mother gave His life,  "said Jamrowski, Monday (5/8).

Jordan, the mother of three children and her husband Andre Anchondo drove their five-year-old daughter to a cheerleader exercise. Then they shop for school needs at Walmart, El Paso. They never returned.

Andre Anchondo who was also killed in El Paso was just freelancing from reliance on drugs. One of his friends Koteiba ' Koti ' Azzam called to find out how his friend's condition was.

"I love him, he has character and charisma," says Koti who lives in San Marcos, Texas by telephone.

Azzam said Anchondo began business in El Paso, constructing buildings from granite and stone. With his hard work he was quite successful. Anchondo also almost finished the house for his family.

 "It almost makes you question to your beliefs, but God is not involved in it, the hand of the perpetrator who took the life of my friend in a drastic way," says Azzam..

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