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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Jackie Chan and Disney actress blasphemy related commentary on Hong Kong's demontration

Two Chinese-blooded artists were blasphemed Netizen for their insinuation or opposition to a prodemocracy mass rally in Hong Kong. Both are actor Jackie Chan and American-Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

Jackie Chan was the first celebrity to target a netizen, and he was a native of Hong Kong. In an interview with the Chinese television station, the Global Television Network, the 65-year-old man said, the rally action that has lasted 10 weeks actually made the citizens sad and depressed.

"I visited many countries when our country grew rapidly in recent years. I feel proud to be a Chinese citizen everywhere, a red flag with five stars honored all over the world, "said Jackie, quoted from The Straits Times, Sunday (18/8/2019).

"Hong Kong is a land of birth and my home. China is my country. I wish Hong Kong was back in peace, "he said, added.

In his response to Twitter, the World City prodemocracy Group writes, "Hong Kong hates you."

Another netizen with the name JP says, "When we tell you we're from Hong Kong, please never ask us about Jackie Chan."

The latest blasphemy was delivered netizen to Liu Yifei. More extreme than Jackie, the 31-year-old woman supported the Hong Kong police against protestors.

"I support the Hong Kong police force. What a shame Hong Kong, "Disney's live action star Mulan, remakes it through Weibo.

The netizen also called for Mulan's boycott to be released in 2020 by jazz up #BoycottMulan on Twitter to become a trending topic on US Twitter last Friday.

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