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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Hong Kong demonstrators descend to the street again

Hong Kong's prodemocracy activist plans to roll out a massive rally, Sunday (18/8/2019) night of local time. The action went down to this road to show the administrative government that they were fearless with the Chinese threat that was ready to exert mass-facing power.

China is displaying thousands of troops from the People's Armed Police (PAP) equipped with armored vehicles in the border city with Hong Kong, Shenzhen. The power is ready to be deployed if Hong Kong's condition is uncontrollable.

However, activists promised this action will not be damaged.

This would be the first major act after the occupation of Hong Kong International Airport that crippled flight activities for 2 days, Monday and Tuesday (12-13/8/2019).  After that some mass groups apologized and promised to host a peaceful demonstration on Sunday.

They refer to this action by demonstrating "rational, nonviolent". This action was held by the civil Rights Front, a group that avoids confrontations with the police and one of the driving forces behind a massive demonstration involved hundreds of thousands of people in the last 10 weeks.

On Saturday (17/8/2019), a small skit ended with no clashes. They shouted  "See you in Victoria Park!" When leaving the streets, referring to the action that will be held later tonight.

The location is in the heart of Hong Kong city since it was used as the center point of the opinion of the Prodemocracy group, it has even been held since the previous years.

Police have already granted permission to this latest action, but the masses are forbidden to parade.

The demonstration action in Hong Kong was triggered by the government's plan to legalize the extradition BILL, a rule that allows criminals of the region to be extradition to China.

Under a deal with the British before submission on 1997, China agreed to let Hong Kong retain the freedom of democracy.

But many Hong Kong people feel that freedom is being reunited, especially since the man of China's hardline, Xi Jinping, is in power.

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