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Friday, August 23, 2019

Coalition urges government to stop internet blockchain in Papua

Tens of people from the Civil society Coalition conduct action in front of the Ministry of Communications and Information (Kemenkominfo), Jalan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta, Friday (23/8). They demanded that the government stop blocking data services or the Internet in Papua and West Papua.

"The darkness of this information should be overtaken and terminated now as it is very unfair and discriminatory," said the executive director of the Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet), Damar Juniarto in his orchestra.

Internet access blocks are being performed by Kemenkominfo for Papua and West Papua since Wednesday (21/8) morning. Until today the blocking continues. In fact, said Damar, on Mondays and Tuesdays, Kemenkominfo has also done throttling or throttling Internet access.

The government said, internet blocking is done to make the condition back to normal and conducive in Papua and West Papua. As is known, the fragility broke out in Indonesia's easternmost region since Monday (19/8) Following the occurrence of racial action to Papuan students in Malang and Surabaya, East Java.

According to Damar, the government has made a unilateral decision. The government prefer to extinguish Internet access, instead of completing a case of racial action in Surabaya.

"We hope the society open the eyes, this is not the issue of Hoaks, this is not the society there mob, this is the question of discrimination based on race, " he said.

Resin said, this internet blocking not only makes Papuans lose access to information, but also people from other ethnic groups such as Bugis, Javanese, and Malay who are currently there.  "This violates, because the UN calls the Internet is a human right," said Damar.

The chairman of Pusaka Franky Samperante said that blocking internet access has made many people lose information about what happened in Papua. Including residents in Papua, which is in uncertain condition, but can not give news to his family elsewhere.

"To be able to re-open Internet access in Papua," said Franky.

After the oration, the coalition of civil society from dozens of organizations directly to the Office of Kemenkominfo to meet Menkominfo Rubetween or representatives. They wanted to give a letter of rebuke and also a petition signed around 8,500 people demanding a ban was stopped.

It is not acceptable to verify that when blocking Internet access in Papua and West Papua is being opened. According to him, the Internet access of Papua and West Papua will be normal if the situation and conditions of Papua and West Papua are really conducive.

"Hopefully (fast) if the more conducive yes already (will be normalized again)," said Rubetween to reporters in the Istiqlal mosque, Jakarta, Thursday (22/8).

Rudiantara saide, blocking Internet access has an impact on the economy. However, Rudi explained that internet blocking should be done in the national interest.

"We are also the operator of pity also if long, let me how there is a reduced income even for the national interest," said Rudiantara.

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