Wearing belts, the lawyer attacks judge in district court of Jakarta

A Judge at the Central Jakarta District Court (PN Jakpus) was struck by a lawyer in the trial. Lawyers attack when the judge reads when the trial is still running.

 "The chronology of the incident began when the judges of the center read the ruling on which the consideration has led to the consideration of the petitum, so that the legal authority of the TW as the initials D stood from the seat As the plaintiff's legal power,  "said PR PN Jakpus Makmur, Jl. Chamur, Jakpus, Thursday (18/7/2019).

Prosper said the lawyer approached the judge. The lawyer attacked the judges using the belts he wore.

 "Then stepped forward to the front of the judge who temporarily read the verdict judgment and Sekonyong pulled his belt and the rope was used by the D-perpetrator to perform an assault on the judges who read the verdict," he said.

The chairman of the HS judges joined the attack. Perpetrators then secured security personnel.

 "The attack was briefly about the chair of the HS judge, on the Jidat and briefly about the judge of initials DB and after that the perpetrator secured then the last condition of security PN Jakpus," he said.

Currently the lawyer is secured at Polsek Kemayoran. The attack occurred at around 16.00 WIB.

From matter number 223/PDT. G/2018/PN Jakpus, TW is known to be Tomy Winata as the plaintiff. While on the defendant side there are 6 parties.

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