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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Trump criticizes NBC reporter who asked if he feared he would be charged after leaving office

President Trump criticized the NBC News reporter who asked if he feared he would be charged after he left office.

Trump denounced the question posed by NBC News' Haley Jackson, who said special counsel Robert Mueller had testified earlier in the day and said the president could be impeached after he left office.

"It's a very silly and very unfair question to ask if he can be charged," Trump said.

He also said that Mueller himself had retracted the issue, although this was a separate issue.

"When I saw Robert Mueller's statement. The statement above, then made a summary. He made a correction later in the afternoon." "You know what this patch was, and you still ask the question. You know why, because you're fake news.

"The fact that you even ask this question, you're fake news because you know what, it's been completely corrected in the afternoon and you know it as well as anyone else."

Mueller reviewed an early statement during his testimony that his decision not to indict Trump was based solely on the Justice Department's policy that the current president could not be charged. "It wasn't the right way to put it," Mueller told the security room's intelligence committee.

"We have not reached a decision on whether the president committed a crime," he said.

But on the question of whether Trump could be impeached after he left office, Mueller replied "yes."

This observation occurred during interrogation before the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives.

The former special counsel testified for more than six hours Wednesday about his nearly two-year investigation into Russian interference and whether Trump committed obstruction of justice. Mueller's report said the investigation did not find enough evidence to conclude a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

The report also noted that the investigation was unable to determine whether the president had obtained justice. Mueller reiterated during his testimony that his investigation was not exempt for the president, a point that many Republicans have addressed.

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