The world commentary on the occupation of Hong Kong's parliament by protestors

Viral24hours - Protests commemorated the 22-year surrender of Hong Kong to China's destruction and the occupation of the parliament, Monday (1/7/2019), sparked various comments from world officials.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam condemned a group of masked masses involved in the occupation by calling it an extreme act of violent use.

The Chinese Global Times government Media considers it a violent rally.

 "The Chinese community is aware that a zero-tolerance policy is the only remedy to prevent such destructive behavior," says the Global Times report.

The demonstrators insisted on their action in order to defend the right to the level in the territory of the former British colonies and opposed the increasingly strong perceived Chinese grip.

Hong Kong's Status remained semi-autonomous since its submission to England on 1 July 1997. The issue of strengthening China's grip is based on the discussion of the extradition BILL. This rule allowed criminals in Hong Kong to be tried in mainland China.

Here are some comments related to the dynamics of state officials occurring in Hong Kong, as quoted from AFP, Tuesday (2/7/2019):

1. U.S. President Donald Trump

Trump judged demonstrators to have their own self-government in Hong Kong.

 "They want democracy and I think most residents want it. Unfortunately, some governments do not want democracy, "said Trump, which seems to refer to China.

 "That's the problem, about democracy. There is nothing better,  "He said, continue.

2. British Minister of Foreign Affairs and British Commonwealth of Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt warned the protesters not to use excessive force. Nevertheless, Hunt continued to support the demands of the demonstrators to gain freedom in their land.

"English support for Hong Kong and its freedom remains steadfast on this day of remembrance. No violence is acceptable but the Hong Kong people retain the right to conduct peaceful protests according to the law, as demonstrated by hundreds of thousands of brave people today,  "he said.

3. The English governor for Hong Kong's last Chris Patten

Chris Patten claimed to be very sad with the protests of destruction and clashes. Nevertheless, he also blamed the police who previously acted harshly against the masses.

"If you never really dialogue with the masses, then inevitably it helps to legitimize those who want to do something in a harder way," says Patten.

He also asked the British government to be more assertive with China

 "We have to take the lines more firmly, the city feels honor to defend freedom in Hong Kong, the freedom we promised to them over the years," he said.

4. European Union (EU)

The European Union called the occupation of the Parliament not representing the majority of protestors for several weeks of peaceful action.

 "Following this incident is more important to refrain, avoid increased exclusivity, and to engage in dialogue and consultation to find solutions to the future," the EU diplomatic body said.

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