The Alex Morgan celebration controversy: Patriotism & English insinuations

Viral24hours - Alex Morgan became the U.S. Women's (USA) 2-1 winning goal scorer while facing England in the 2019 World Cup semifinal in Lyon, Wednesday (3/7/2019) early in the morning. Making use of Lindsey Horan's cross-winger, at 31 minutes, Morgan releases a header that emits the British goalkeeper, Carly Telford.

The goal not only delivered the U.S. to the finals but also placed Morgan in the top-scorer of the World Cup 2019 with the British striker Ellen White in six goals.

Not to stop there, Morgan's goal is also a marker of two important moments in his life. First, July 2, coinciding with the goal was created, the California-born footballer is celebrating his 30th birthday. According to Opta's record, Morgan was the first female footballer to be able to score in the World Cup on his birthday.

Secondly, Morgan's goal is to be a wonderful gift for the United States who on Thursday (4/7/2019) tomorrow will celebrate their independence day after departing from the British colony. On the basis of the celebration, Morgan chooses a drink of drinking tea.

When the interview ended the game, Morgan did not explain the intent behind the celebration.

"Rapione [Megan Rapinoe, another U.S. national team player] has many celebrities, but no one asks for the intention. I have one, why are others very curious? "he said.

However, the public is unlikely to be able to guess the intent of the celebration. Morgan wanted to prove that as 349 years ago, the US was able to escape from the British shackles.

"Tea, of course, is a traditional English drink. If all wasn't sure what Morgan's celebrity intent was, let me affirm in the same day's history: July 4, 1776, then the US managed to escape the British [UK] government, "wrote Time magazine journalist Raisa Bruner.

According to Bruner's argument, tea is indeed an important drink in British culture. The culture made tea as the main drink first introduced the wife of King Charles II, Catherine de Bragaza in 1662.

Still, a matter of tea, Morgan's celebration also reminded the public with the Boston Tea Party, a protest act carried out by U.S. citizens on 16 December 1773, when they opposed tax practice without the British representation of the colony's countries. The protest by throwing 342 tea crates into the harbor was recorded as the first massive Resistance act to be a British colony. If the U.S.

Boston Tea Party protested the UK by throwing tea, this time the U.S. women's national team was doing no different steps. They fought the British in a football game, which the state of Queen Elizabeth often claimed as the sport of their findings. The controversy of the response to Morgan's celebrities was split in two. Some support, some of which regret the action. Those who have no attachment to the US, including the British are assessing the celebration excessively.

"I'm not happy with the celebration. For me, it was a bit of a match out the context and I think he [Morgan] didn't have to. I think it's a little attitude that shows a feeling of disrespect, "said Juventus soccer team and former English women's squad, Lianne Sanderson, while broadcasting at beIN Sports.

However, for those who have an emotional bond with the U.S., instead, give the opposite response. Morgan's celebrities are considered to be evidence that the spirit of patriotism can be carried not only on the battlefield but also in various fields including sports. One of the proud figures of the US women's national team shows is the ex-mother of the state and former U.S. presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

"Congratulations to the U.S. women's team players for the success of ' the tea ' and progressed to the finals, " Hillary wrote in upload on Twitter with Morgan's celebrity photo.

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