Jokowi scheduled a meeting with the coalition leaders

Viral24hours - In the last two days since it was established as the elected President, Joko Widodo (, in addition) held a meeting with the legal team and the National Campaign Team (TKN). Afterward, it was scheduled to meet the leadership of the Indonesian Coalition for Work (KIK).

The political parties are incorporated in KIK are Pdip, Golkar, PKB, NasDem, PPP, PSI, Pkpi, Perindo, and Hanura. There is a chance meeting discussing prospective ministers.

 "Clear that there is no discussion of the cabinet. But as also said Mr. Jokowi, not close the possibility after last night, after the meeting with the legal team, tonight with TKD, then will be followed by the leadership of the political parties in the near term,  "Ujar Secretary General PPP Arsul Sani after Meeting of TKN-TKD with the Indonesian presidential palace in Bogor, West Java, Tuesday (2/7/2019) night.

The meeting schedule will be delivered on another occasion. Therefore, we still have to divide the task in government. Similarly, the heads of KIK political parties who must match the schedule.

 "Only about the day or the date, yes, of course, will be notified later. Because not only Pak Jokowi, so many tasks as head of government, but the leaders of the party also have scheduled" said Arsul.

When the names mentioned will serve as ministers from 2019-2024 period, Arsul handed over to the above. But do not close the possibility of some people from TKN will be glance as ministers.

"Of course in between TKN and maybe even TKD, do not close the possibility of the requested Pak Jokowi, and Kiai Ma'ruf to help in his reign. Whether the position is in the cabinet or elsewhere, it is his prerogative along with the vice president,  "he explained.

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