How to solve the slower Android Smartphone in 5 minutes

It is undeniable that almost every now has an Android smartphone. Many questions that arise how to solve a smartphone that is run slower when used so it can not be used properly.

Usually smartphones can not eke well because of several factors, such as installing too many applications, internal memory, and external smartphones are left slightly.

Plus the unused apps are still active, many use animated widgets, applications that are too old are not updated, and too much use an email account.

If you're currently experiencing it, you can do some of these steps so your smartphone can run normally.

Well, here's how to handle the Android smartphone run slower  in just 5 minutes.

1. Clearing Cache

The word cache is extracted from the word crash. In terms of cached files are temporary files that are in the internal memory of your Android smartphone. The Cache will record the Android app activity you have used.

Although the data is generated a little bit, but the number of apps you use a lot. Apparently it can make your smartphone run slower . Therefore you have to clear the cache in the following way:

First, open the Settings app that's on your Android smartphone. Then click on the Application menu, there you can see all the apps inside smartphone.

Select the storage menu and erase the memory, doing all the apps you have.

2. Uninstall Bloatware

There are rarely many default apps from Android smartphones that you buy and don't really need. Actually, you can uninstall this bloatware application in the following way.

Simply open the Settings app, click the Application menu and select the app you want to delete by clicking Uninstall or disable.

3. Deleting widgets

To make it easier for users to install applications, Android smartphones also provide a variety of widgets.

Widget is a mini version app that can be used directly. Usually widgets are placed on the home screen to facilitate users when they want to be accessed.

But to optimize your Android, you can remove it by selecting the widget you want to delete. Then press and hold for a moment, then slide towards the trash image.

4. Optimize Google Chrome

Every Android must have Google Chrome to make it easier for users to search for information. Have you ever felt your smartphone not going well when you were browsing something?

Therefore, optimizing Google Chrome is the best way to be able to restore Android performance. Not only that, you can access it by saving Internet quota.

Go to the Google Chrome app, click the three dots at the top right corner and select the Settings menu. Click on Advanced and select Data Saver, then enable it to save data usage.

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