Hongkong Ambassadors are called to the controversy statement

Viral24hours - The British government summoned the Chinese ambassador to London Liu Xiaoming on Wednesday (3/7/2019), on the dynamics of Hong Kong.

Rallies commemorated the 22-year surrender of Hong Kong to China on 1 July 2019 lasted rusy and stained and occupied the parliament building.

The demonstration sparked numerous commentaries from world leaders including the United Kingdom, a country that once ruled Hong Kong before being handed over to China on July 1, 1997.

On Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Theresa May asked China to honor the Chinese-British Joint declaration of 1984.

"It is very important that Hong Kong's high level of autonomy as well as its rights and liberties are stipulated in the respected China-UK joint declaration," May says.

After the May statement, Liu held a press conference that was very rare. He denounced the comments of British officials about Hong Kong protests.

Liu said relations of both countries have been ravaged by British intervention in Hong Kong.

 "The British government chooses to stand on the wrong party, make an inappropriate statement, not only interfere with the domestic affairs of Hong Kong but also support the cruel lawbreakers," said Liu.

He also urged the British to coordinate statements with actions related to Hong Kong issues. Liu even warned there would be consequences to be borne i.e. the relationship of both countries could be damaged.

Afterward, Liu was called up by the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs to meet the diplomatic service chief of Simon McDonald.

McDonald protested Liu's statement by calling it unacceptable and inaccurate.

The Chinese-British Joint declaration signed by the then-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and his partner Zhao Ziyang, including that Hong Kong would be handed over to China in 1997. But the region still maintains high-level autonomy as a capitalist society with rights and freedoms guarded under the principle of a two-nation system.

Hong Kong demonstrations that have lasted last month were triggered by the rejection of the extradition BILL. The rule in it allowed Hong Kong criminals to be tried in mainland China. The BILL is regarded as the new Chinese style grip over Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government suspended the discussion of the BILL, but the masses wanted the rule to be revoked completely.

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