Be a Dangdut singer, Stefany Danasia release song prime

Be a Dangdut singer, Stefany Danasia release song prime

Media Khazanah - After joining Portrait Management, the beautiful singer Stefany Danasia finally released her first Dangdut song titled I'm Wrong Man.

While conducting an interview session with VIVA, Stefany explained that this first Dangdut song is about the phenomenon of intermarriage that often occurs in the community.

"The story is about the girl who actually had her own choice but Dijodohin as her parents. After the "Dijodohin" apparently the choice he remains the best, "Stefany said at the Portrait office, Wednesday June 19, 2019.

Stefany said in the process of creating this first song, herself was not involved at all. The long-haired woman also added that her own pocket to the song, the recording process was smooth without taking a long time.

"If my own creation I'm not involved yes I accept so just this song. The recording process for this song is pretty smooth yes. Because I like also the song, "he said.

Because this song is not a classic Dangdut song, Stefany admitted that during his singing it did not get much trouble, moreover in the case of a grip.

"Because the Dangdallah Dancedut not too dangdut classic so ya quite difficult too hard anyway," she said.


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